Up Coming Projects


Emizen real estate Management Services, is one of the fastest growing professional companies in the field of comprehensive asset management..

It has projects spread across all verticals covering state-of-the-art corporate office buildings, premium residential complexes, super specialty hose.

Our Team

A team of people, processes and a competent vision harnesses a hundred logistical tools to daily meet the challenges of running a flourishing building.

Retail Management

Zoning, Leasing, high proficiency and low cost solutions.

Commertial Building Management

Providing international environment, professional management and value additions for premium businesses.

Premium Businesses

Premium Housing Complex Management: Providing national environment, comprehensive solutions and optimized running costs.

Comprehensive Asset Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Security
  • Horticultural Services
  • Technical Solutions
  • Electro-Mechanical Services
  • Financial Sevices
  • Liason with Local Authorities
  • Lease Management
  • Parking Management