Civil Construction

We are a REAL ESTATE SERVICE BASED company, with progressive design services through knowledge and experience. We are one of the well known builders who have successfully ventured to bring your imaginative design to concrete reality. We are civil construction contractor, residential building contractors that specialize in constructing multi-storied residential, commercial and various industrial projects. Our company Established in lucknow.


Building Construction is the lifeline of modern economy. The defined goal and object in it, can be attained using great products (materials) with higher success rate and accuracy. The greatest civilization of the past has reached their peak using tool and products of different types. Now with the advancement of the technology, it has become much easier for mankind to reach the peak of modern civilization. The construction materials exporters and suppliers are the one who provide these materials to the builder & the construction worker, so that the work can be completed timely. Construction Materials Exporters and Suppliers deals in various kind of building products used during construction of a project take place. These Materials may include simple tools to the most complex tool available in todays time. Some of the examples of such tool are the trucks, material transport vehicles, cranes, bulldozers etc. Most of the construction product are generally given on contact basis and are generally return back to the supplier after the completion of the project. However there are options available were these can be given to the construction company completely. Building Construction Products or Equipments Supplier and Exporter deals in various types of equipment, a list of some of the crucial products.

Our Values- Quality

Quality is king at emizen. We aim to make sure that the expectations of the client, engineer and all stakeholders are fully complied with and that projects are delivered with a high standard of workmanship in a timely manner. We always use products and materials that meet or exceed the requirements of the contract documents and ensure our staff are adequately trained.

Exclusive !
QuickQuote Cost Estimating Service - Available on all plans

We are pleased to offer our QuikQuote exclusive cost estimating service. It responds to the most frequently asked question we receive, namely "How much will this house cost me to build?" Absent using generic Census Bureau data that doesn't take into consideration your precise location and a specific house plan's features, its the best way to find out your construction costs.

How to Order Your QuikQuote (Available in lucknow and india only)

You can order your QuikQuote online in one of two ways:

  1. Use our Plan Search facility to locate the plan you like. Click on the "Order QuikQuote" button and that plan will be added to your "shopping basket". If you wish to order only one QuikQuote, you can then complete and submit your order. If you require additional QuikQuotes, you may continue to search our online database of house plans for other designs and add QuikQuotes for them to your "shopping cart" before you complete and submit your order.
  2. If you are ordering a home plan, select QuikQuote from the list of features on the plan order form that you fill out when you select the "Order Plan" button. You can then submit your order or, if you wish to order QuikQuotes for up to two more plans, you may continue to search our online database of house plans for other designs and click on the "Order QuikQuote" button to add them to your "shopping cart" before you complete and submit your order.

If the plan is not in our online database or if you don't wish to order online, call us at 9005023030.